Gentle wo/men's self-defense & boxing club Nice

2 types of classes: R.B.S.D. self-defense and boxing (classic, kick / thai boxing) in a small group and private classes

Boxing or the real self defense? Choose your classes

Private and semi-private classes (small group) consisting of:

  1. RBSD real self-defense 

  2. Classic boxing, kick - thai boxing lessons 

  3. Cross-training (part of both lessons)

Fo whom these classes are ?

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced in martial arts, your level in sport is very high or rather low, you are welcome! I adjust a session to your level!

If you want to learn boxing and all you need is a fitness workout, these lessons are there for you! To get a better idea of the courses, watch the video here at the top of the page, a simple showreel with NOBLE ART clients to get a better idea about the lessons and the atmosphere.

And what exactly means "private lessons"?

Private lessons teach you to work, to motivate you, to know your strengths and weaknesses in a personalized environment. You choose your days and hours in agreement with the coach to train alone or in a small group of other clients.

An overview majority of my clients:

Entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, comercials, bankers, lawyers, managers, directors and executives ... those who are active in the world of public services or companies, as well as students and athletes! But all prefer a professional and personalized approach and appreciate the quality that I can guarantee them as a private sports trainer.

Combat sports such as boxing or kickboxing are indeed perfect exercises for their complexity which allows to activate all parts of the body (and thus help to form the figure), and promote physical develop. You will improve your endurance and speed. You will work dynamics, balance and synchronization of upper and lower parts of your body. These qualities will be useful in other life activities and sports.