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Lessons of boxing in NOBLE ART

These classes focus on the full use of body parts that are 8 in pairs (knees, feet, elbows and fists), exploit the essential, functional and effective principles of many combat sports.

Because combat sports are indeed perfect exercises for their complexity which allows to activate all parts of the body (and thus help to form the silhouette) and promote physical developement.

Boxing classes, overview of the lessons

Individual classes or group lessons?

Two environments completely different ! Here are 5 good reasons to choose the boxing lessons at NOBLE ART

1) Multipurpose Techniques

2) 60 minutes devoted exclusively to YOU

3) We will lend you special attention

4) The secret of "punching pads"

5) Sparring — I am watching you from close

... and if we were talking about Cross training

This conception of exercises is different from the ones you can see in fitness centers. We use our body weight for exercises, therefore its a system quite focused to strengthen the muscle cell system.

The fitness lessons that I practiced with my clients are based on my extensive experience in high performance sport, my representation and training of Thai boxing and my work in the field of fitness, which I practice for about 20 years

In the fitness gyms people often practice exercises with dumbbells, which are focused only on the growth of muscle mass and are very statics. Such exercises involve not only the heaviness of the body and reduce a natural dynamic and an innate speed, but also an increase in weight and the desired effect is reversed.

The Cross-Training is a natural and effective manner to strengthen three basic factors: speed, strength and endurance. Cross-Training is practiced by the majority of athletes in many field areas as boxing, tennis and winter sports. And is also used as a professional manner in specific activities: in the fire brigades, police, ambulance and army. Due to cross training we use the whole body and resulting is the better blood supply to muscles, growth of better and more uniform musculature and improved physical fitness.

In general, weights are used more dynamically and in the movement where the muscles work more complex which generates a functional muscle growth instead of developed muscles during traditional exercises in the gym which serve only to "show". During the exercises, I change and I alternate rhythms and I avoid exercies which employ only one part of the body (except for rehabilitation and strengthening exercises for a given part of the body). I attach great importance to the middle part of the body: dorsal and ventral muscles that play a key role in movement and in any sport and, well developed, facilitate movement and cooridination of the body.

The classes consist of a stretching phase, which means exercises improving the functionality of the musculoskeletal system and a conditioning phase focused on fat burning during and after exercise allowing to optimize the weight. The aim is to achieve a solid muscle structure throughout the body essential for the good performance of the skeleton.

The result is a fit body a beautiful appearance and mental well-being.

I design workouts individually according to a customers to achieve really the result. I prepare the exercises for my clients according to a different factors: