Gentle wo/men's self-defense & boxing club Nice

Sports trainer, boxing lessons prices

All prices on the proposed sports coaching (the session lasts approx. 1 hour see the course description). The gym is located in the Nice harbor area (see map) and it is equipped with a special TATAMI MMA floor, a punching bag, there is a hallway with a bar counter where you can sitting after the class and watch the fights in television. The shower is also available in a small cloakroom.

How it works ?

No registration fee, subscription etc. we made it simple here ;) but a medical certificate for Thaiboxing training is requested! The courses are paid monthly or you can pay each course separately.

Classes, coaching in the gym

Coach sportif prix d'une séance

Prices of semi-private lessons / 35 € / you are with another person
(The number of people dependent on the specific requested time)

Prices of private trainer lessons / 50 € / you are alone with the coach

Monthly RATES, semi-private lessons / at a discounted price of 240 € / Save 57% instead of 420 €
(Example with 3 lessons per week, you save 180 €)
If you come 5 times a week, 1 lesson will cost you 12 € only! (Valid from date to date)

Prices of a private group:
you want to come with your partner, friends /
discount depending on the number of people and lessons per week

Equipment for your workout

For beginning it is possible to borrow equipment in the gym (wrist bandages, boxing gloves, shin guards, etc ...), all this equipment can be also purchased in our gym or let me recommend you specific equipment because very often clients come with poor quality equipment, wrong size etc. and then they buy everything again.