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Lessons in self-defence. What is the RBSD system?

The main goal of RBSD is self-defence training. RBSD is the acronym for Reality-Based Self Defence, a personal protection system based on actual situations. It is not a self-defence style in itself, but must be understood as a system of training instructions. It is based on actual combat or full contact workout experience. RBSD takes inspiration from world-renowned instructors, as well as from our own personal experience and training.

The RBSD system officially represents several systems :  

Urbancombatives (Lee Morrison), Red Zone (Jerry Wetzel), Reality Based Personal Protection (Jim Wagner), S.P.E.A.R. System (Tony Blauer)... We have experience  of other systems, such as Crazy Monkey Defense Program (Rodney King), Kapap Krav Maga (Avi Nardia)



RBSD instructors continually work to improve our system through regular training. We fully support them in their development and unique personal progress. Our team includes two different system instructors, both recognised internationally. In many areas, we are the unique representatives of this system in the Czech Republic and France.

apprendre a defendre      

The purpose of real self-defence RBSD

The main goal of RBSD is self-defence; we consider the ability to protect ourselves, protect our loved ones and protect our possessions, the best asset to acquire through RBSD training. We do not compromise when choosing methods, and we continually learn from the best.

Our goal is not a compilation of styles, on the contrary, each element of RBSD has been chosen for a specific reason.


We rely on Urbancombatives, the simplest and most effective self defence system. Its founder is Lee Morrison (Southampton, Great Britain). Urbancombatives reflects the rich experiences of Lee’s years spent with street gangs and as a security agent for nightclubs. The strength of this system lies in its efficiency and simplicity, as well as in understanding the behaviour of street predators and of violence in general.

There is no need for advanced techniques for self-defence! Anyone who has already experienced a crisis knows how difficult it can be to effectively make a single, simple movement.

During our training, we do not aim to master complicated techniques in a zero stress situation. On the contrary, the goal is to be the most effective in situations where we are dominated by stress.

Athletic section of RBSD

We build our combat and self-defence skills using martial arts and athletics:
Thai boxing - where we aim to know how to use our body in combat.
The Athletic Base (ATB) - RBSD BOXING  and RBSD GRAPPLING  are designed to teach our students the techniques and tactics they can employ in both practice and training combat.

Instructor Adam Pengsawang's experience:

* representative and instructor of the Police of the Czech Republic in classic boxing

* security in night clubs

* bodyguard of the Hilton Praha casino owner

* bodyguard of Metallica group during European tour

* Luciano Pavarotti's bodyguard during his concert in Prague

* for several years a member of the order unit who operated in tense situations in and around Prague (fights in football stadiums, difficult situations in clubs, etc.)

* 2013, KAPAP KRAV-MAGA Instructor Level 1

* currently the RBSD instructor in training