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Adam Pengsawang: private trainer and fighter with 73 victories, combat sports coach, but also a passionate freediver, diver, skateboarder and movie stunt ...

I don't fear a man who has practiced 10,000 various kicks, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. Bruce Lee

Coach: personal development in sports and in professional life:

1997 — Professional Thai boxing Champion of Czech Republic – organisations CMTA, WMTF
1998 — Professional Thai boxing Champion of Czech Republic in thai and kickboxing – CMTA, WMTF
1998 — 15th in WMTA (prestigious Thaiboxing organization) world rankings
2003 — 3rd at WKA World Championship in Vienna
2005 — Champion of southern Thailand
2005 — Fighting  at 'Lumphini' most famous Thai boxing stadium in Bangkok

IN TOTAL : Number of fights: 104 including 73 wins including 26 knockouts
Number of fights in Thai boxing: 63, number of fights in Kickbox: 15, number of fights in amateur boxing: 26

coach sportif musculation•  1987 - He began practicing judo and kung fu at the age of 10 years. Then he passed to Thai-boxing, karate, taekwondo, the vale tudo, kick boxing and sport fencing

coach kick-boxe•  At the age of 16, after passing an intensive practice of vale tudo, Adam becomes Thai boxing and Kick-boxing fighter. Same time, he trains younger athletes in the famous Prague HANUMAN GYM

coach combatant boxe-thai
• 1994 it is in the same sports center he starts practicing Vale Tudo under the direction of Petr Machacek, sports coach of MMA and Thai boxers — current Czech Worldwide champions

• 1997 At age 19, he became the first and youngest professional Thai boxing Champion in the Czech Republic, along he occupies 15th place at worldwide ranking of WMTA
 (World Muay Thai Association) which, at the time , the most prestigious international organization of Thai boxingCoach boxe thai Nice

•  1998 he lives in the center of Muay Thai at Ubon Ratchathani where he trains under the direction of Professor Phot (died 1999), who led and brought to the top two most famous boxers of Thailand in 80ties and 90ties (NUNGUBON SITLERTCHAI and ORONO). Professor Phot was one of the two most renowned teachers in Thailand, the second was Mr. Yodtong of Sityodtong schoolpreparateur sportif boxe

•  Following a three-month examination, this professor awarded him a Diploma of the Thai boxing, which qualifies him to teach Thai boxing worldwide

•  For six years he participated in Thaiboxing fights and Championships in Thailand

coach, combat en boxe thai

•  2002 together with a partner — Thai coach, he opened his first school called SAM DAU GYM (gym was destroyed by a great flood at the same year); in addition, he works as a trainer in two other fitness centers and became a Thai boxing and boxing trainer in another Martial Arts schools

•  Since 2003, he improved in "close tactical combat" with a friend, former Head of the Serbian anti-terrorist unit and former bodyguard of the president. See the photo gallery of his self-défense traineeship

•  In 2006, he opened his second school, "8 STRIKES GYM", in the Prague city center. This is where he formed several excellent fighters in Muay-thai and classic boxing

Coach de boxe, préparation pour combat coach de boxe anglaise dans le ring

•  In 2007 he worked as a stunt double for the largest stunt agency «FILMKA» in the Czech Republic

Cascadeur de cinéma, film Babylon A.D

•  In 2008 this profession brings him to France where he worked on several cinema films with Figlarz Action Team in Paris for enrich his experience

•  2010, he opened his third sports club, this time in Paris, also named 8 STRIKES where he made a private lessons only. Similarly, he worked as a self-defense coach, and private boxing trainer 

•  In 2011 a workshop was held in Thailande for 8 STRIKES students
coach remise en forme
•  In 2012, the classes also extend to the French Riviera at Nice, the gym changes its name to NOBLE ART is situated at the Port of Nice, where the lessons of private and semi-private coaching are held

•  February 2013 Adam could attend an intership of yoga breathing techniques for freediving by Federico Mana - Italian champion of deep diving, also a student of legendary freediver: Umberto Pelizzari
Stage de respiration yoga pour apnee

•  In May 2013, the first official Kapap Instructor Combative training took place in Rosenau near the German-Swiss borders where Adam was allowed to participate and is proud to be the KAPAP Krav-Maga Level 1 Instructor

Self défense krav maga coach diplome